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Corporate Wellness Director
Responsible for the overall health and wellness of Peavey employees through educational programs, presentations, and hands-on workshops. Implement healthy practices through competition with incentives and proven business wellness programs. Certified Personal Trainer for executive level personnel on a daily basis to include fitness programs, nutrition guidance, and exercise classes.

  • Analyzing existing health and wellness plans to determine needs
  • Researching trends related to wellness programs, and recommending strategies to address current deficiencies
  • Collaborating with management representatives, human resources, and marketing staff to design, promote, and implement a comprehensive overall health and wellness plan
  • Designing and proposing individual healthy living programs, classes, events, and lectures
  • Coordinating the scheduling of wellness events including screenings and presentations
  • Developing specific, objective means of evaluating program effectiveness, and adapting plans as necessary to improve results

Peavey offers an excellent benefits package, competitive wages, and tremendous opportunities.

To be considered for this position, email your resume and cover letter to Karin Roberts at karin.roberts@peavey.com. All correspondence will be held in strict confidence.
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