Summer NAMM: Peavey Sanctuary Series™ Introduces SSE™ Line Array & Subs

July 21, 2005

Peavey proudly introduces its new SSE LA line array and companion SSE 110 and 210 subwoofers. The SSE Series is part of the Peavey Sanctuary Series, the only product line dedicated to providing innovative products to make pro audio easy and cost-effective for houses of worship. The SSE LA is a compound-radius, curved line array that provides a controlled and contoured vertical coverage pattern for improved intelligibility in larger or more reverberant spaces. Its dual-coverage pattern provides a tight 20° vertical coverage for the primary long-throw pattern and a 40° vertical coverage for the secondary near-field pattern. The smooth curve of the array allows the SSE LA to be flown much lower than most "J" arrays, increasing the flexibility and utility in spaces with lower ceilings. Adding to this versatility, an attenuation switch for the near-field pattern reduces the output so that it does not overpower the audience just below and in front of the array. The SSE 110 and SSE 210 subwoofers, which are designed to work in tandem with the SSE LA, feature a single 10" woofer and dual 10" woofers, respectively. The companion SA(TM) Array Controller (MSRP TBA) adds crossover and EQ control to an SSE LA/sub combination system, and operates in a stereo or two-channel configuration with subsonic filter, switchable mono bass summing, 16 bands of 1/3 octave EQ (from 320 Hz to 10 kHz) and front panel signal/clip indicators. Sanctuary Series SSE enclosures are designed to provide premium sound while preserving the subtle aesthetics of your sanctuary. These loudspeaker enclosures are available in white, black and non-finished wood for staining/painting to match any décor, and also feature mounting and flying inserts for arranging in virtually any location in your sanctuary. SSE enclosures ensure the entire audio system blends as seamlessly as possible into your sanctuary's architecture. These Sanctuary Series SSE arrays will be available in Q3 2005 from authorized Peavey retailers. SSE LA
  • 400 watts program; 800 watts peak
  • Frequency response: 174 Hz to 18 kHz
  • Sixteen 2" high-performance speakers
  • Dual radius curve provides long throw and near-field coverage from one enclosure
  • Controlled vertical coverage pattern improves intelligibility in larger spaces
  • Increased flexibility of flying height with dual pattern
  • Near-field pattern attenuation switch for improved flexibility
  • Processor based crossover and EQ for maximum performance
  • Barrier strip inputs
  • Flying points included for suspension
  • Available in black and white finishes
  • 40" H x 3.8" W x 10" D; 12 lbs.
  • U.S. MSRP $699.99
SSE 110
  • 400 watts program; 800 watts peak
  • Frequency response: 61 Hz to 125 Hz
  • One 10" Peavey Pro 10 high-performance subwoofer
  • Enclosure designed for flying or wall mounting (inserts included)
  • Four-pin Neutrik® and two-position terminal strip inputs in parallel
  • Available in black and white finishes
  • 17" H x 13" W x 10.5" D; 24 lbs.
  • U.S. MSRP $TBA
SSE 210
  • 800 watts program; 1600 watts peak
  • Frequency response: 62 Hz to 125 Hz
  • Two 10" Peavey Pro 10 high-performance subwoofers
  • Enclosure designed for wall mounting (inserts included)
  • Four-pin Neutrik and two-position terminal strip inputs in parallel
  • Available in black and white finishes
  • 26.5" H x 24" W x 9.75" D; 48 lbs.
  • U.S. MSRP $TBA