ADI-C Active Direct Interface with Compressor


Item #: 03001300

The ADI-C noise gate helps keep noise under control without destroying your sound. the soft-knee compressor makes it easy to keep your level under control and better blend with the rest of the band. The AD-C input will accept an instrument or instrument pre-amplifier output, which it converts to a mic level output to the sound system.


  • Active high-impedance input
  • Soft-knee compressor
  • Soft-knee noise gate
  • Balanced mic level output
  • Ground lift switch
  • Local amplifier output with processed or unprocessed switch
  • Phantom power or external 15VDC (option)
  • Power supply not included.
  • Weight Unpacked: 0.44 lb(0.2 kg)
  • Weight Packed: 0.44 lb(0.2 kg)
  • Width Packed: 6"(15.24 cm)
  • Height Packed: 9"(22.86 cm)
  • Depth Packed: 2.25"(5.715 cm)


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