Now With HammerHead™!

Our incredibly durable HammerHead exterior coating makes these the toughest SP speakers ever.

SP 4BX and SP 6BX feature kick-back casters for easy load in/out.

Built to last. For more than three decades, the renowned Peavey SP™ Series have been the proving ground for many of our enduring innovations in sound reinforcement. SP™ Series enclosures are built to last in the U.S.A. with patented and exclusive technologies that make your sound clear and true, and efficient and strong.

Durable Peavey Black Widow® series loudspeakers are the centerpiece, designed with Kevlar®-impregnated cones and 4" edge-wound aluminum ribbon voice coils wound on Kapton™ formers for high efficiency and sensitivity. With die-cast aluminum alloy frames, a vented magnet structure that allows superior cooling at high drive levels, and heavy-duty, spring-loaded terminals with industry-standards color coding, Black Widow loudspeakers are everything you expect from a professional application loudspeaker.

Every enclosure in the SP Series features our field-replaceable speaker basket design, an exclusive feature that allows you to replace blown cones on the gig with ease. Speaker re-coning is expensive and can take weeks, but with Peavey speakers you can replace the entire cone just by removing three screws. And only Peavey speakers are made to the precise tolerances required for field replacement.

SP Series enclosures offer clarity and efficiency in the high frequency range through our specially designed 2" RX22™ titanium diaphragm compression driver with ferrofluid cooling. This driver is coupled to our patented Quadratic Throat Waveguide™ to provide smooth, even response, low distortion and excellent HF dispersion. The horn has an asymmetrical vertical polar response, so it aims the sound directly at the audience members and minimizes ceiling reflections for clarity and gain before feedback.

The RX22 driver also features the patented Radialinear Planar Phase Correction System, which provides a smooth and extended high frequency response by preventing cancellations and interference in the horn.