Necessity isn't always the mother of invention--sometimes convenience is the mother of them all. For the KB Series we packed plenty of both, along with the reliability and power that have become our trademark, into five essential multi-purpose amplifiers.

If we only wanted to design the industry's best keyboard amps, then we could have stopped with incredibly clean, powerful sound. But then we thought about all the cool things you could do with a multi-channel keyboard sound system, like adding a vocal mic, stereo effects, guitar and bass, plus all of your backing tracks, samplers, MP3 players and other gadgetry.

By the time we dreamed up the KB5--a portable, full-range system with five independent channels, 200 watts of power, heavy-duty casters and a retractable handle--we realized that we had created not just amazing keyboard amps, but complete sound systems for your band rehearsals or live performances.

At least that's what the pros tell us. The KB Series is crucial to the mix for the most in-demand keyboardists in music, from Jimmie Bones (Kid Rock) to Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater), and Marta Petersen (Bleeding Through) to Scott Healy (The Tonight Show With Conan O'Brien). The possibilities are as open as your mind.