Premium Lightweight, Weather-Resistant, Molded Enclosures

Renowned for their durable construction, high power handling and superior, exclusive technologies--including field-replaceable speaker baskets and DDT™ speaker protection in powered models--it's no wonder why Impulse® speakers are so widely used in so many diverse applications.

Impulse 1015

With a 15" Black Widow® loudspeaker and a 2" voice coil RX™ 22 titanium compression driver--coupled to a 90° x 45° directivity horn--the Impulse 1015 provides exceptional sound in a wide range of applications. Ferrofluid cooled. Available in black or white. Power handling up to 2,000 watts peak.

Impulse 1012

This versatile loudspeaker enclosure features the same components as the 1015 model, but with a 12" Black Widow® speaker. The Impulse 1012 is available in black or white.

Impulse 100

Loaded with a 10" premium long-throw woofer and a 14XT™ 1.4" titanium compression driver on a molded-in horn for smooth response. The Impulse 100 is available in black or white.

Impulse 6/6T

An excellent indoor/outdoor, two-way speaker system, perfect for foreground music and speech reinforcement. A 5 ¼" woofer and 1" soft-dome tweeter provide up to 100 dB SPL and handle up to 200 watts peak power. The 6T model has a built-in transformer for 70-volt line distribution systems. Available in black or white.

Impulse 652S

The Impulse® 652S has a hi-fi sound character with great clarity that is ideal for background music systems in entertainment venues or anywhere multi-channel or multi-speaker sound systems are required. Utilizes a 6 ½" woofer and a titanium dome tweeter, and will handle up to 350 watts program.

Impulse II

The perfect personal stage monitoring system! The Impulse II is equipped with dual 4 ½" speakers with an onboard level control, while input connections are made via two ¼" phone jacks in parallel for easy daisy chaining. Handles 200 watts peak at 16 ohms.

Impulse 261T

The Impulse 261T delivers exceptional, controlled coverage with a hi-fi character through its two 6.5" woofers and 1" titanium dome tweeter mounted on a waveguide. Includes an 8-ohm thru output (300W program, 600W peak). It is also transformer equipped with 70.7V (60W, 30W, 15W, 7.5W) and 100V (60W, 30W, 15W) outputs.