"The QWs delivered a powerful, dynamic sound that made for a great show. They sound great and throw hard."
- Pro Audio Review

Peavey developed its exclusive Quadratic Throat Waveguide technology to eliminate the distortion caused by loudspeaker horns when pushing high soundpressure levels (SPL).

Rectangular horns have a vertical axis and a horizontal axis, and the sound travels along these axes. However, the sound originates at different points within the horn, and when the horn pattern is not symmetrical--as with 60° x 40° or 60° x 90° horns--the transition of sound from the driver to the wall of the horn results in distortion. In horns using our Quadratic Throat Waveguide, the sound originates at the same physical point, allowing a smooth transition from driver to horn. The shape allows the sound waves to travel unencumbered through the horn and always at right angles to the horn walls, which transmit the sound waves with virtually no distortion--delivering crisp, clear sound directly to your audience.