Hartley Peavey developed the ValveKing® Series of amplifiers with one goal in mind--to put real boutique features and tone technology into the hands of real working musicians. In stark contrast with similarly featured "boutique" amplifiers, the ValveKing is no trophy-room amp--it's rugged, roadready and made to be played. This is the kind of innovation you've come to expect from Peavey.


The 12AX7 and 6L6GC all-tube power would be enough to make the ValveKing a force to be reckoned with, but we didn't stop there. The ValveKing sports two independent channels, each with its own 3-band EQ(except 20MH). The Lead channel features volume and gain boost, while the Clean channel adds a treble-boosting bright circuit. In the master section you'll find patented Resonance, Presence and Vari-Class™ controls. While Resonance acts as a low frequency enhancement and Presence works similar magic on the high frequencies, Vari-Class™ is simply a tone miracle.

What Is Vari-Class™?

The Vari-Class control adjusts the amp's response characteristics from modern Class A/B push-pull to vintage Class A, or ANY tone between the two. From metal to jazz and modern to vintage, the ValveKing has the tonal options you are looking for.

With the Vari-Class knob set fully to the A/B position, the amp runs at full power, hitting hard and offering tons of headroom. As you rotate the knob toward Class A operation, the amp becomes increasingly sweet, with a softer attack and lower volume. Even order harmonics are added in the process, and the power output can drop to as little as 40 watts (100W Head). This useful and well integrated circuit should be standard equipment on every tube amp.

ValveKing Media

ValveKing 212 Combo demo on PVTV ValveKing Audio Sample 1
ValveKing Audio Sample 2
ValveKing Audio Sample 3
ValveKing Audio Sample 4
ValveKing Audio Sample 5