Powerful bass amplification. It's been more than 30 years since we put Peavey tone and power into the first Peavey bass combo amps. If we were the betting type, we could ride a lot of dough on the claim that most musicians alive today have stood on stage next to one of those classic bass amps.

That's no surprise to our engineers, who make sure our bass combos maintain their famous reliability. Peavey Max® Series bass combos carry that torch of reliability, power and tone to a full line of performance, rehearsal and practice amplifiers.

Take control of your tone with exclusive amp voicings and patented TransTube® tube emulation! You'll find tons of organic, vintage tube tone, plus the sharp attack and clarity of solid-state amps and everything between. You can even plug in your MP3 or CD player and jam along to your favorite songs, or use the headphone output when it's time to turn it down.

When only the maximum bass tone and power will do, look no further than the Peavey Max Series.