Tour™ 700 and Tour 450: Get crushing power and relentless reliability in a pair of bass amplifiers that truly go "one lower!" Winner of Bass Player magazine's prestigious Editors' Award, the Tour 700 and Tour 450 bass amps are high-powered workhorses featuring highly specialized EQ, built-in subharmonic generator and Peavey's new, patented SmartRail™ technology.

With the patented Kosmos® B feature, the new Tour 700 and Tour 450 heads drop big bottom end! This Peavey-exclusive subharmonic enhancer generates a note one octave lower than the original note, creating interesting harmonic textures and significantly enriching the bottom end. Tour Series bass amplifier heads offer extensive additional tone shaping through a 9-band graphic equalizer, configured so its frequency bands are spaced at critical bass guitar frequencies to let you define the response curve easily.

Both amps also feature DC protection, an efficient parallel cooling system and a two-speed cooling fan--plus our patented SmartRail technology, which gives these amps massive dynamic power in a lightweight package, without introducing any switching distortion or delay.

Tour VB-2™: Looking for an all-tube Tour Series amp? Dial up growling rock grit, old-school reggae thump and punchy clean tones, all from the Tour VB-2 head, a nine-tube analog amplifier that delivers 225 watts of crushing Peavey power. The new VB-2 is engineered and built in the U.S.A. with ceramic tube sockets, patented tone shaping, independent gain controls and a multi-position midrange shift.

Headliner™: The Peavey Headliner is a 600-watt bass amplifier head that puts an incredible range of features at players' fingertips. The amp features a seven-band graphic EQ spaced at optimized frequencies, with each slider providing 15 dB of cut and boost, to provide comprehensive tone shaping at precise frequency bands. Players can use the graphic EQ in conjunction with the low and high shelving-type controls, or bypass the graphic EQ entirely.

A built-in optical compressor with level control and bypass allows players to add the right amount of compression to the mix, while the crunch feature adds a vintage tube effect that distorts only the high frequencies, preserving the all-important fat low end. The amp also features bright and countour switches, effects loop, master volume and headphone out. The compressor and crunch features are footswitch selectable.