"Revolutionary." That's not our opinion. It's what the gear experts at Bass Player magazine said about the VB-3, the groundbreaking all-tube bass amplifier from Peavey.

The music industry had written off tube bass amps as having peaked decades ago. They accepted that tube amps were going to be extremely heavy and cumbersome, and either sacrificed their backs for the sake of tone or switched to solid-state technology. No longer.


The VB-3 delivers 300 watts of earth-shaking low end with richly harmonic, all-tube tone at an astonishing 37 lbs. No, we didn't leave off the third digit. But we did leave behind a ton of weight.

The dual-channel VB-3 combines 3x12AX7 and 2x12AT7 preamp tubes with 8xEL34 power tubes to give players tons of tone with uncharacteristically tight response for an all-tube amp. But it takes a lot of power to push those low frequencies, and that usually means heavy power transformers. Our innovative design utilizes a lightweight, world-compatible, switch-mode power supply--the first ever in a tube bass amp. Weight problem solved.

Now you can have the best of both worlds: the unmatched tone of 13 tubes and unbelievably light weight, plus a wealth of pro features such as 9-band EQ, semi-parametric EQ, optical compressor, overdrive and patented Resonance and Presence. The Peavey VB-3 is the rebirth of the tube bass amplifier.

"A huge step forward in a product category that seemed to be done walking decades ago."

Bass Player

VB-810™ Enclosure

Voiced to match the VB-3 tube bass amplifier, the new VB-810 bass enclosure features eight custom-designed 10" ceramic-magnet loudspeakers in four tone chambers, and can be operated in stereo or mono modes with 800 watts power handling.

Optical Compressor Graphic EQ Speaker Damping
The VB-3 features an all-tube optical compressor that uses a unique "feed-forward" design that is positioned between the two EQ sections. The compressor is highly sensitive and activated from the first tube stage so it can produce a wide range of compression. Dial virtually any EQ curve imaginable with our vintage, three-band active/mid-cut EQ with adjustable mid-frequency (200, 450, 600 or 800 Hz), or combine it with the nine-band, constant-Q graphic equalizer--tuned to optimized bass guitar frequencies, with each band providing 15 dB of cut and boost. Peavey's patented Resonance and Presence controls adjust the damping factors at the low and high ends respectively, and are useful in dialing in tones for particular styles, including "tight" sounds that are not normally associated with tube amplifiers.