In Ear Monitor

In-Ear Monitor

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Whether you're playing in a live performance or rehearsing, you need to hear yourself to be your best. Yet some performers still struggle with booming floor wedge monitors and loud stage volume. The Peavey In Ear ...
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Weight Unpacked: 0.02 lb(0.01 kg) Weight Packed: 0.02 lb(0.01 kg) Width Packed: 0.5'(1.27 cm) Height Packed: 1.5'(3.81 cm) Depth Packed: 0.5'(1.27 cm) ...
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Weight Packed: 0.21 lb(0.094 kg) Width Packed: 2.75'(6.985 cm) Height Packed: 5'(12.7 cm) Depth Packed: 1'(2.54 cm) ...