Item Reviews for: Studio Pro® M1 Condenser Microphone  -  00488030
Studio Pro® M1 Condenser Microphone
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natural sound at a low price

By: bryan graceland      Submitted: 5/12/2021


Overall What is your opinion of this product? With the low cut filter activated, I found this mic to be less boomy, less muddy, less boxy, and less sibilant, than alot of mics in the $100 to $800 price range. also, it doesnt over react to my vocal dynamics. I havent sampled the more expensive mics. this mic requires 1/4 more gain than most mics which induces a very slight noise floor which is easily drowned out by singing quietly. Its lack of high gain makes it suitable for home recording as it doesnt pick up much room ambiance like hot mics do. if you like that fuller bassier sound (which sounds muddy in the mix) then de-activate the low cut feature. I am an audio engineer and a professional baritone singer from the analog era and I usually dont give reviews, but i found this mic to be worthy of one.