Item Reviews for: Studio Pro® M2 Condenser Microphone  -  00488040
Studio Pro® M2 Condenser Microphone
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A real workhorse at a great price

By: Ray Dryden ( audio technician 40 years )      Submitted: 11/4/2020


Overall What is your opinion of this product? Ok, I bought 2 of these so long ago I don't even remember when, possibly 20 years ago. They have been to hundreds of live shows and used in my studio with great results. While I don't claim to be a know it all, I do know that for the price these have out performed mics costing much more. I use them most for drum overheads, the large diaphragm has a great open sound and captures wonderful detail on cymbals. I use them on electric guitars, horns, strings, upright bass, choirs, all with good performance. Some of these applications were in the studio. This mic has superb rear rejection in the cardioid setting which allowed them to be used as audience mics at a video shoot. After all these years the body is quite scratched and ugly but they have never let me down. I would buy a new one but these keep working and sound fine.