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Raptor® Plus Black Electric Guitar
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Incredibly adaptable

By: Neville N      Submitted: 5/16/2020


Overall What is your opinion of this product? I own a substantial guitar collection including strats, couple of les pauls, a PRS and a few others. This guitar is a 'sleeper' because out of allmy guitars this one records best when using logic pro x, for some reason the 'large' pick up magnets work brillantly, negating the need for artificial only line enhancement. I would suggest checking the alignment and adjusting the set up using the easily available trussrod if the guitar has had to travel much distance during it's delivery. If you blind folded someone and gave them thisguitar to play I guarantee they would think it was at least a $500 item. I recommend this instrument to any guitar player,novice or pro, it really is so adaptable, and is currently a bargain as it is being sold for $149 which is an astonishing price! Personally I prefer the Raptor Plus original as opposed to the exp version.