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Pro Series 12 Speaker
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Mind blowing results!

By: Vinny S.,[email protected]      Submitted: 3/17/2023


Overall What is your opinion of this product? I've had a set of PV 112 m monitors that sounded pretty bad at higher volumes they were breaking up terribly. Removed the speakers that were in them and it was clear they weren't original so I bought a pair of these PV pro 12s. Unfortunately got the same results. Figured it was the built-in amplifier. Just recently took that out, put a 400 w two-way crossover in each cabinet, powered it with an outside amp, a Rockville with the same power specs as these speakers, and holy cow! They just blow my mind! In a pinch I could use these floor monitors as front of house speakers if need be. It is unreal this punch they have and clarity beyond belief! Highly recommend these as a replacement for any situation where you need a 12-in speaker.