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Classic® 50 212 Guitar Combo Amp
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The only amp I didn't eventually sell or trade

By: Ryon      Submitted: 2/7/2022


Overall What is your opinion of this product? I bought the Peavey Classic 50/212 new in 1995. At the time, I ran stomp boxes into the wonderful clean channel, which sounded great. Every now and then I would turn off all the boxes and switch over to the lead channel just to mix things up a bit. However, over time I noticed that when I switched back to the stomp boxes, I was disappointed with my lead tones compared to that of the Peavey Classics'. Fast forward 27 years, many other amps have come and gone and I've lost track of all the stomp boxes that once created my sound. Nowadays I simply enjoy the beautiful tones that come out of my amp, both on the clean and lead channels. I can't compare the reliability of this amp to others, because I've never held onto any other amp as long as I have this one. I can say that I haven't had a single problem with it other than changing tubes as needed. You can't beat that