Item Reviews for: Trace Elliot® 1x10 Speaker Cabinet  -  03616930
Trace Elliot® 1x10 Speaker Cabinet
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Bigger than life

By: Mr . Mark,[email protected]      Submitted: 1/28/2023


Overall What is your opinion of this product? I own and play an elf head through this 10”. It sounds like a 15”. I rarely play above 1 1/2 points volume with a passive J bass or Hofner Violin (Beatle) bass. Both with heavy flats. I gig 3x a month . I’m having trouble getting enough treble “singing” sound out of both basses so I need to work with the EQ or the basses or both. If I can’t get my sound there, I’ll try a Trace Elliott 2x8 cab. I view this rig as a lifetime signature set-up.