Item Reviews for: MiniMAX® 600-Watt Mini Bass Amp Head  -  03617920
MiniMAX® 600-Watt Mini Bass Amp Head
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A lot of value in a small package.

By: David Kahl      Submitted: 7/20/2020


Overall What is your opinion of this product? There's a lot to choose from at the effective price point of this amp. However, I am more than sold on it, having used it in very different venue formats, especially during the pandemic. It didn't matter if it was in a large outdoor drive-in situation, where all that the audience heard came straight from the amp; a neighborhood tour that demanded quick setup and tear down; a larger festival-oriented streaming venue; or a social distanced VIP pool party. The flexibility of this unit is fantastic. The first thing to note is that the wattage is honest and the headroom is more than ample. The controls are about as linear in their response as you'd want. The ability to make marked impact, on the fly, with just the push of a button -- Boost, Punch, Mid Shift, Treble Boost, and Kosmos (the subharmonic generator/enhancer) -- is great when you're in the middle of playing and have no time to twist and turn knobs. I'd recommend this one for just about anyone and even for the backline at a couple of the huge festivals that I consistently play.