Trace Elliot® Trace Pro 4x10 Road Ready Bass Enclosure
review title:

It's about time!

By: Keith McDonald      Submitted: 3/27/2022


Overall What is your opinion of this product? I did not make a purchase of this New 4x10 Cab yet, due to obvious reasons. But, I'm happy to see that Trace Elliot is offering this larger Bass Enclosure, as well as a larger, better and powerful Amp Head. When Peavey purchased Trace Elliot years ago, it was the end of Trace Elliot and I did not like the direction that Peavey was pushing Trace Elliot in. Everything got small, then micro-small and then totally pointless for me to buy as a Musician. So, I went back to Ampeg, because they offered Bass Enclosures in all sizes and a wide variety of powerful Amp Heads. Now that Peavey is bringing Trace Elliot back to what it was, I will take it for a Test Drive when it hits the Retail Stores. I love the thought and design of this Trace Elliot Bass Enclosure as well as the Amp Head.