Kid Rock's 'Live Trucker' Showcases Jimmie Bones & His Peavey Amps

Jimmie BonesPEAVEY INT'L. HEADQUARTERS—Kid Rock's multi-instrumentalist Jimmie Bones has cranked his trusty Peavey amplifiers on stages worldwide for years, but the new Live Trucker disc is the first recorded appearance of his Peavey KB and Delta Blues amps.Bones—whose main job is keyboardist, with co-writing and harmonica duties on the side—relies on Peavey amplifiers to keep Kid Rock & the Twisted Brown Trucker Band charged up onstage. A pair of Peavey KB5 keyboard amps back his sweet, surging B-3 keys, and a single-15 Peavey Delta Blues guitar amp gives his honking harmonica leads the power to cut through dual guitar leads.'Peavey amplifiers give me really good power and nice, warm, round tone,' said Bones. 'I needed something with a lot of clarity and juice. I need to be able to compete with two guitars, and we really like a little sound bleed onstage. This is rock 'n' roll, you know?'Live Trucker documents Kid Rock & the Twisted Brown Trucker Band concerts in their native Michigan from 2000 and 2004, and showcases Bones' work alongside guest appearances from longtime Twisted Brown Trucker members Uncle Kracker and the late Joe C., as well as Gretchen Wilson on a special rendition of 'Picture.'Bones and crew are promoting Live Trucker—how else?—with a spate of U.S. tour dates that began with two sold-out shows at Detroit's Joe Louis Arena on Super Bowl weekend. The tour closes appropriately, with another two sold-out Detroit concerts, this time at the Palace of Auburn Hills on May 12 and 13.