Winter NAMM: Peavey Unleashes Feedback Ferret D, the Latest Evolution of its Patented Anti-Squeal Technology

Feedback Ferret DANAHEIM, Calif. (Winter NAMM exhibit #5740) — Award-winning Feedback Ferret digital feedback elimination technology continues to evolve in the new Peavey Feedback Ferret D, the sound-reinforcement leader's latest seek-and-destroy digital feedback eliminator. Based on the original EQ Blue Ribbon Award-winning technology, the Feedback Ferret D boasts the latest evolution of Peavey's patented anti-feedback algorithm and feature set. This DSP uses 16 'smart' digital filters to find and fix compromised frequencies before they become problematic, with four user presets, power-up recall, 'panic' filters, XLR and 1/4' TRS balanced I/O and an internal power supply—plus a user-friendly graphic interface that simplifies setup and monitoring.The Feedback Ferret D applies sophisticated 'smart' notch filters that find, lock and suppress offending frequencies before human ears can even detect them. Sixteen targeted filters accomplish this through virtually instantaneous notching and by applying a succession of very narrow filters with just enough attenuation to eliminate the feedback. The algorithm continuously checks and rechecks the designated problem frequencies and then releases the filters when it no longer detects feedback.The Peavey Feedback Ferret D is available now from authorized Peavey retailers.Features· 'Smart' filters that apply notch attenuation in undetectable 3 dB increments· 16 digital dynamic filters· Refined algorithm for finding and eliminating feedback· Four user presets· Panic mode for sudden, unexpected bursts of feedback· Power-up recall function· Front panel disable switch· Dual XLR and 1/4' TRS balanced I/O· Single rack space· U.S. MSRP $399.99