Jäger Mobile Stage Showcases Peavey Versarray at Ozzfest 2007

Jager Mobile Stage Showcases Peavey Versarray at Ozzfest 2007PEAVEY INT'L. HEADQUARTERS — Jägermeister has chosen a Peavey Versarray line array sound system and 207,000 watts of Crest Audio power to make its state-of-the-art traveling stage scream at Ozzfest 2007.Housed in a 44-foot trailer that opens into a fully self-contained stage measuring 34 feet wide, 16 feet deep and 20 feet high, the Jägermeister Mobile Stage showcases the latest audio innovations from Peavey Electronics, the music- and sound-equipment manufacturer responsible for more than 180 patents in the way we hear and play music.Led by 24 flown Versarray 112 enclosures and a dozen thundering Versarray 218 subwoofers, this Peavey-engineered sound system provides the sonic clarity and nuance that are all but absent from live hard-music productions. That's exactly why Jägermeister demanded the Versarray — and why it will be the official second stage at Ozzfest 2007, which will feature Peavey endorsers The Showdown, Ankla and Daath.'The Versarray line array system is truly amazing,' said Rick Zeiler, Director of Marketing and Brand Development at Jägermeister. 'Producing a heavy rock concert can be difficult because there is so much going on in the music, but the Versarray solves that through incredible sonic articulation, consistency and a fully dynamic listening experience. We haven't even begun the tour and already the sound engineers on Ozzfest are bragging about how good it sounds.'Versarray 112 line array enclosures achieve high performance levels by utilizing dual ribbon drivers and the patent-pending Ram Air Cooling design, a dissipation process that focuses the airflow through the voice coil, resulting in minimal heat buildup and power compression. Ram Air Cooling works in conjunction with a neodymium-loaded, 12' NEO Black Widow loudspeaker with dual 4' voice coils to allow even greater efficiency and power handling.Peavey's patented UniVent technology aids power handling on the Versarray 218 subwoofers by literally pumping air through the enclosure to maintain cool operating temperatures, increase reliability and reduce power compression under heavy continuous-drive conditions. The 13-ply Baltic birch enclosures feature dual ultra-high power Lo Max 18' woofers with ratings of 9600 watts peak, 4800 watts program and 2400 watts continuous power handling. The Jägermeister Mobile Stage is managed by eight Peavey VSX 26 loudspeaker management systems and powered by forty-eight Crest Audio power amplifiers — eighteen CD 3000 amps to power the 12' speakers in the Versarray 112 enclosures and QW Series monitors; twelve CD 2000 amps for the Versarray's dual-ribbon drivers; and eighteen Pro 9200 amps for the Versarray 218 subs — with Crest Audio mixing consoles for monitors and FOH. Peavey has also contributed backline in the form of Triple XXX guitar-amp stacks and Tour Series bass systems.'Jagermeister has been kicking around this mobile-stage idea for a long time,' said Zeiler, 'but without Peavey we couldn't have done it. Peavey has supported the Jägermeister Music Tour since day one with amplifier backline, sound gear and sponsorships, and with this program they've turned a huge dream of mine into reality.'After the mobile stage's Ozzfest run ends August 30 in West Palm Beach, Fla., the Jägermeister Mobile Stage will continue rocking at events with the National Hot Rod Association and others.