Sixwire - The Next Great American Band?

Sixwire The Next Great American BandNashville's Sixwire, powered by Peavey Classic 30 amplifiers, have made it through 8 weeks of competion on the Fox Network's 'The Next Great American Band.' Now in the finals, they are a single performance away from reality TV glory. The final episode of 'The Next Great American Band' airs Friday Dec. 14th, 9pm Eastern/Pacific - 8pm Central, on the Fox Network.Six-string guitars gave Sixwire the inspiration for their name, and with three guitarists at the helm of this Nashville five-piece band, it's more than fitting. Andy Childs, Steve Mandile, and Robb Houston along with bassist John Howard and drummer Chuck Tilley all did their fair share of touring and session work before coming together as Sixwire. But they're more than just a session band. Sixwire writes and produces all of it's own material, and on occasion even directs and edits it's own videos. Rather than try to pattern themselves after the many bands who influenced them, they prefer to follow a musical path that they themselves have created. Strong vocals, big guitars, memorable songs and tight musicianship have become a trademark of the group.