Peavey Tour Bass Amplifier Wins Bass Player Editors' Award

Peavey Tour Bass Amplifier Wins Bass Player Editors' AwardPEAVEY INT'L. HEADQUARTERS — Bass Player magazine has awarded its prestigious Editors' Award to the powerful and versatile Peavey Tour 700 bass amplifier and Tour 410 loudspeaker enclosure.Wrote Jonathan Herrera in the November 2007 issue of Bass Player, the Peavey Tour Series 'accomplish[es] its mission superbly, integrating a deep grab bag of useable features into a straight-up loud and rugged amp. It [does] everything Peavey designed it to do, and [does] so at a killer price. Peavey just got the job done.'The Tour 700 bass amp head features a highly specialized, nine-band graphic EQ with frequency bands spaced at critical bass guitar frequencies so players can define the response curve with ease, plus a 700-watt power section and XLR-equipped, equalized direct output with phantom power. Using the exclusive, onboard Kosmos B sub-harmonic generator, players can blend in a note one octave lower than the original note to create interesting harmonic textures and significantly enrich the bottom end.'I couldn't help but love the Tour 700's [Kosmos B] octaver—maybe it's all the synth-bass gigs I've been doing lately, but I'm immediately seduced by sexy undertones,' he said. 'The 700's tracked well, sounded huge and generally impressed. Plus, its ratio to the direct signal is adjustable, so it's additionally useful as a subtle sub-harmonic boost.'Engineered to ease the load for gigging musicians, the Tour 410 loudspeaker enclosure weighs about half as much as most other 4x10s—just 65 lbs., with 1,600 watts program handling and four 10' high-performance loudspeakers. Built-in weight savers like neodymium speaker magnets and an ultra-lightweight plywood cabinet reduce weight without compromising power or reliability.'With the arrival of Peavey's Tour Series cabs, neodymium has gone fully mainstream … and Peavey nailed it. The 410 [is] light, loud and quick, with a strong and buoyant midrange. The Tour 700 uses my all-time favorite jack: the Neutrik Combo, which allows use with ¼' or Speakon cables. Industry, say it with me: We will put these on all our amps.'