Trivium Achieves Success With Practice, Perseverance & Peavey Tone

Trivium Achieves SuccessMetal stars hit the studio with Peavey 6505 guitar amplifiersPEAVEY INT'L. HEADQUARTERS — To suggest that Matt Heafy and his Trivium bandmates share a solid work ethic is a considerable understatement. The 21-year-old guitarist spent much of his youth plugged into a Peavey amplifier, working out riffs and techniques from his favorite songs, strengthening his playing skills and honing a style that millions of metal fans know today.'I never practiced because I thought that I had to practice,' Heafy explains, 'but mainly to strengthen things I felt were weaknesses. I would make exercises for myself in school, and I'd grab little fragments from other people's playing, or make up something of my own.'The technique helped transform Trivium from a cover band with promise in the early ‘00s to a fully creative unit — and a globally successful one, at that — in just a few short years. The band has since logged nearly 600 shows and three acclaimed albums under its studded-leather belt. From their first chords, Peavey has been the amp of choice for Heafy and co-guitarist Corey Beaulieu.'When we first started touring we used Peavey,' he said, 'back when we brought our own gear, tuned our own guitars and didn't even have soundchecks. Then we went through a phase where we were just trying out different stuff, but we've been back to the Peavey 6505 Plus for the last several tours. Having the right tone is great; we've got it and we're stoked.'The band is currently working on pre-production demos for its fourth album between tours. With 10 songs already in the can, the band's good fortune and success have Heafy and Co. in an enthusiastic mood.'We came out the door as this bunch of 18-year-old kids singing Metallica, and so many great things have happened since then that we can only work toward bigger and better things. We want to play for as many friends as we can around the world and keep writing the best music we can.' For more than 15 years, the Peavey 6505 Series has defined the sound of aggressive music. From the fury of Machine Head to the crossover punk of Story Of The Year to the whiplash thrash of Job For A Cowboy — and virtually every artist whose tones have been at the mercy of producers Andy Sneap and Jason Suecof — the Peavey 6505 amp is the blueprint for metal guitar tone. Check out to learn more about the legacy and tone of the Peavey 6505.