Peavey RiffMaster Rocks Toyota Xbox 360 All-Nighter

Peavey RiffMaster Rocks Toyota Xbox 360 All-NighterPEAVEY INT'L. HEADQUARTERS — Armed with its groundbreaking Peavey AG RiffMaster guitar videogame controller, musical-instrument innovator Peavey kicked out the jams with Xbox, Toyota and gamers from across the U.S. during the Toyota Matrix Xbox 360 All-Nighter online Guitar Hero competition.In the nationwide event held April 26-27, gamers logged onto Xbox's All-Nighter to compete in a Guitar Hero III challenge in pursuit of 24 Peavey AG RiffMaster videogame controllers, each one tricked-out in the Peavey Custom Shop with Xbox All-Nighter themed graphics. Now, consumers can upload their own JPG images to create one-of-a-kind RiffMaster controllers exclusively at from real-wood, life-size Peavey guitars and modified for play with guitar-based music videogames, Peavey AG RiffMaster guitar controllers feature the sleek finish, dimensions and feel of a real Peavey guitar to provide a truly authentic music video game experience. The RiffMaster made major impressions at the 2008 Consumer Electronics Show, landing everywhere from gaming fanatics' blogs to best-of lists such as ESPN's 'Easy Points: The Best of CES.' '[The] Peavey RiffMaster guitar [is] a real guitar that's been unstrung and fitted with the guts of a Guitar Hero controller so that it has all of the functionality needed to rock out in the PS2 version of the game,' commented ESPN Video Game Analyst Aaron Boulding. 'The extra layer of realism helps a lot when you want to get into your rock stance and get serious with your ‘guitaraoke.'' News organizations CNN, CNBC, Popular Science, Popular Mechanics, Stuff and Wired, as well as cable networks G4 and Spike TV's 'Game Trailers,' also featured the Peavey AG RiffMaster in their CES coverage.The Peavey AG RiffMaster guitar neck features five colored fret buttons placed among real frets on a genuine rosewood fretboard, with the familiar strum bar and whammy bar mounted to a basswood body. Consumers can choose from a bank of 20 custom designs, including exclusive designs from iconic rock artists, or upload their own JPG image to the Custom Graphics portal at and design a one-of-a-kind RiffMaster.