No Fear Music Tour Grinds With Official Guitar, the Peavey PXD

Official Guitar the Peavey PXD

The 2008 No Fear Music Tour is trekking across America with Peavey artists Bullet For My Valentine, Bleeding Through and Black Tide—plus the new Peavey PXD, the tour's official guitar.

As played by Bleeding Through guitarist Jona Weinhofen, the Peavey PXD Series launched this summer with a quartet of aggressive shred machines built for speed, slicing leads and razor-sharp riffs.

With supercharged active pickups and menacing slabs of tone-sustaining mahogany, the Peavey PXD Series is the sound of full-on aggression and complements the Peavey 6505 Series guitar amplifiers, the metal legends behind the arsenals of Bleeding Through and tourmates Bullet For My Valentine and Black Tide.
'My Peavey 6505 amp is the most important piece of equipment for getting my sound, says Matt Tuck, frontman and guitarist for tour headliners Bullet For My Valentine. The 6505 gives me that ripping tone I need to cut through, as well as a heavy, crunchy chord sound.'
The Peavey PXD Seriesincludes four distinct models, the Tomb, Twenty-Three, Tragic and Void, with a range of feature options including Kahler tremolos, adjustable bridges with a string-through design and wicked body shapes that ship with Coffin Case hard cases or gig bags.
PXD guitars also feature high-output Peavey VFL active pickups or EMG pickups with the EMG-AB Afterburner tone circuit, which boosts input gain up to 20 dB for the highest levels of saturation anywhere.