Winter NAMM: Peavey Expands VYPYR Modeling Amp Series With Tube-Powered Head

Peavey Expands VYPYR Modeling Amp Series

ANAHEIM, Calif. Peavey has expanded its award-winning VYPYR Series of modeling guitar amplifiers, the most technologically advanced guitar modeling amplifiers available, to include the new VYPYR Tube 120H Head and matching VYPYR 412 loudspeaker enclosure.

The VYPYR Tube 120H Head features 24 amp channel models—clean and distorted channels of 12 popular amps for the first time anywhere—plus 11 editable preamp stomp box effects and 11 editable post-amp rack effects with dual-parameter control, global reverb and global delay. Players can add the optional Peavey Sanpera II foot controller to activate the on-board looper and expand the amp's 12 built-in presets to 400 programmable presets, with up to five simultaneous effects.
With twice the processing power, models and effects of competitive modeling amplifiers, the VYPYR Series dramatically redefines the power and scope of modern guitar amplification. VYPYR amplifiers are based on powerful 32-bit, floating-point SHARC processors that enable highly detailed, accurate modeling as well as vastly enhanced flexibility and features than ever before available in guitar amplification. The VYPYR Tube 120H Head utilizes a four-6L6GC tube power amp styled after the Peavey 6505.
Amplifier models included in the VYPYR Tube 120 Head include Peavey 6505, JSX, Triple XXX and Classic Series models, as well as B-Kat, Brit, Plxi, Dlx, Twn, Dzl, K-Stein and Rec models. Preamp stomp-box models include TubeScrm, XR Wild, X Boost, Fuzz, BC Chorus, Analog Phase, Analog Phase, Auto Wah, Squeeze, MOG and Ring Modulator, while rack effect models include Tremolo, Chorus, Envelope Filter, Slap Back, Flanger, Octaver, Phaser, Rotary Speaker, Reverse, Pitch Shifter and Looper.
The VYPYR also acts as its own computer audio interface, with a built-in studio-quality USB 2.0 output that is recognized by computers as an audio device. The new Peavey 412 Slant EX loudspeaker enclosure is specially tuned to the VYPYR Tube 120H Head.
Peavey VYPYR Tube 120H Head modeling guitar amplifier will be available from authorized Peavey retailers in Q3 2009.
VYPYR Tube 120H Head
  • 120 watts
  • 24 amp channel models
  • Three-band EQ, master volume and pre- and post-gain controls
  • Four 6L6GC tube power amp styled after the renowned Peavey 6505
  • One 12AX7 preamp tube
  • Patented TransTube technology in the preamp
  • 11 editable rack effects
  • 11 editable stomp-box effects
  • Global reverb and delay
  • On-board looper
  • On-board chromatic tuner
  • Up to 5 effects simultaneously and 400 presets with optional Sanpera II footswitch
  • Studio-quality USB computer interface
  • MIDI In/Out
  • Tap tempo button
  • Studio-quality headphone/record output
  • MP3/CD/Aux input
  • U.S. MSRP $699.99
Peavey 412 Slant EX Enclosure
  • Four 12 Peavey loudspeakers in a mono configuration
  • Specially voiced to match the VYPYR Tube 120 Head
  • 300 watts max power handling at 16 ohms
  • U.S. MSRP $499.99