Crüe Fest 2 Gets Bigger With Monster Energy Stage & Peavey Versarray

The hard rocking juggernaut Crüe Fest 2

The hard rocking juggernaut Crüe Fest 2, featuring Motley Crüe, Godsmack, Theory of a Deadman, Drowning Pool, Charm City Devils and many others, is now teaming with the meanest drink in the land, Monster Energy, to bring audiences the Monster Energy Stage.

Part-semi, part fully functional stage-- think 'Transformers' but armed with drums, amps and guitars --the stage's sound isprovided by music equipment legends Peavey and the massive new Peavey Versarray 212 line-array sound system.

'With the Peavey 6505 Series guitar amps and our extensive artist roster, Peavey is the undisputed sound of hard rock,' said Scott Mire, Marketing Manager of Peavey Electronics. 'After road-testing the Versarray212 sound system for the most demanding music fans on the continent, we are thrilled to get the opportunity to partner with the Monster Energy Stage to make Crüe Fest 2 the loudest show on the road.'

Performances on the Monster Energy Stage will be staggered between the main stage acts creating a non-stop music event and adding to the overall festival atmosphere. With no change in ticket prices, rock fans will be given the opportunity to see ten great rock bands for the price of one.

'Motley Crüe is such an iconic band with the most loyal fans in the world,' said Monster Energy's Brent Hamilton. 'In a time where it seems everything is being cut back, Motley Crüe is delivering more to its fans and at the same time giving up-and-coming bands exposure. Monster Energy is proud to be a part of the havoc that will be wreaked across the nation this summer.'

The Monster Energy Stage will also be ground zero for (1) lucky local band per city with a chance to rock the biggest crowds of their lives. Radio stations in each market will host contests to determine each winning band to open the Monster Energy Stage as Monster Energy continues its unyielding support of bands and artists across the globe.

About Monster Energy:

Monster Energy supports the music industry. Seems bands are rockin' Monster Energy more than anything these days. Check out the types ? Original Monster Energy, Monster Lo-Carb, Monster Assault, Monster's fruit juice hybrids dubbed Monster Khaos, Monster M-80 and Monster MIXXD, the ground-breaking Java Monster premium coffee cream drink line supercharged with Monster Energy's blend, and the brand new 3 oz. Monster Hitman Energy Shooters.