Peavey PXD Void Guitar Wins Guitar World Gold Award

Peavey PXD Void Guitar Wins Guitar World Gold Award

PEAVEY INT'L. HEADQUARTERS — The Peavey PXD Void III guitar has won the Guitar World Gold Award for Overall Value for its 'eviscerating attack' and 'infinitely cool' design theme.

'Peavey's new PXD Series Void III is a wicked example of what can be achieved when a company sets out to create a supreme, fully loaded, dominating metal machine,' wrote Eric Kirkland in the November 2009 issue of Guitar World magazine. 'Every note slammed the front end of the amp, distortion was rampant and harmonics screeched like an eagle on the attack.'

The Peavey PXD Series is a new breed of extreme electric guitars that captures the aggression and attitude of modern metal players. With supercharged active pickups coupled to menacing slabs of tone-sustaining mahogany, the Peavey PXD Series is the sound of aggression and the perfect complement to the legendary Peavey 6505 Series guitar amplifiers. True to the music that inspired them, PXD Series guitars are built for speed, slicing leads and razor-sharp riffs.

'Peavey's Void III gives true metallists everything they could ever want,' wrote Kirkland, 'a rock solid Kahler tremolo, a comfortable yet fast neck, active EMGs with hard-hitting ceramic magnets, skeletonized tuning keys, razor-sharp tones and a storm of gain. Metal never gleamed so brightly!'

The Peavey PXD Series includes four distinct models, the Void, Tomb, Twenty-Three and Tragic, with a range of feature options including Kahler tremolos, adjustable bridges with a string-through design and wicked body shapes that ship with Coffin Case hard cases or gig bags. PXD guitars feature high-output Peavey VFL active pickups or EMG 60 and 81 pickups with the EMG-AB Afterburner tone circuit, which boosts input gain up to 20 dB for the highest levels of saturation.

Added Kirkland, 'True jumbo frets add to the Void III's speed potential and volume, especially for players that utilize legato techniques, tapping and frequent hammer-ons or pull-offs. There's sufficient meat in the mahogany neck's shape to ensure proper resonance, but it's definitely thin enough for vicious shredding.'

The PXD endorser roster includes metal's hottest young guitar players, including Chad Kulengosky and Timoteo Rosales (I Am Ghost); Matt Brunson (Crowbar); Dan Hatfield (The Crimson Armada); John Hehman (Woe of Tyrants, Year of Desolation); Andy Vangelisto and Jonathan Matthews (Planes Crash); Monster (Jugulur); Casey Ash and Patrick Hearn (Less Than A Second); and Pete Evick (Bret Michaels Band).

Peavey PXD Series guitars are available now from authorized Peavey retailers with an MSRP range of $399.99 to $899.99. For more information, please visit your local Peavey retailer.