Eyes Set To Kill Headline Revolver Tour With Peavey Bass Amps

Eyes Set To Kill Headline Revolver Tour

PEAVEY INT'L. HEADQUARTERS — Eyes Set To Kill are headlining the Revolver Magazine Tour now through November across the U.S., with a booming Peavey bass-amp backline and openersThe Word Alive, After Midnight Project and Dreaming of Eden.

Bassist Anissa Rodriguez anchors theArizona-based quartet's hard-rock mix with a Peavey Tour 700 bass amplifier.

'I was never completely satisfied with my sound until I tried out the Peavey Tour 700,' said Anissa during rehearsals for the tour. 'With it I was able to find a wide range of awesome tones, and it helped me find the massive and powerful sound I was looking for. I can't use anything else. I love it because it has really good low end but it still cuts through.'

The Bass Player Editors' Award-winning Peavey TourSeries amplifiers feature a highly specialized, nine-band graphic EQ that allows players to define the amp's response curve with ease, plus the patented Kosmos B sub-harmonic generator that creates interesting harmonic textures and enriches the bottom end. Tour Series enclosures are engineered to ease the load for gigging musicians with efficient weight savers like neodymium loudspeaker magnets and ultra-light wood construction.