MuseBox Named to Mix Magazine's Top 20 Hits of NAMM

MuseBox Named to Mix Magazine's Top 20 Hits of NAMM

The editors of Mix magazine have named the new, portable, flexible MuseBox Musical Instrument and Effects Box one of the Top 20 hits of NAMM 2010.

The MuseBox uses virtual instruments and effects technology in a brand-new way, so players of all types can easily take cutting-edge software-based synths, sounds and effects to rehearsals, gigs, the practice room, or the studio. The MuseBox's compact 2U half-rack design is ultimately portable, incredibly versatile, and built for the road.

Representing the first product of a collaborative union between Peavey Electronics and Muse Research, the MuseBox utilizes technology derived from its powerful big brother, the award-winning Muse Research RECEPTOR Hardware Plug-in Player, which is used by the world's leading bands and artists, including Coldplay, Herbie Hancock and Jordan Rudess.

The key to the MuseBox is its custom MuseMachine software environment that takes computer technology and turns it into musical instruments, relying on a super-stable Linux-based operating system made specifically to run software plug-ins with unparalleled efficiency and pristine, 24-bit/48kHz pro quality audio. A CF-Card slot provides instant access to new software synths and effects so the MuseBox's sounds never get tired or dated. These aren't just new presets as found on other dedicated music instruments. These are ENTIRELY NEW SYNTHESIZERS and EFFECTS!

MuseBox features incredibly flexible I/O, with front-panel guitar and microphone inputs, MIDI, and four USB ports. Musicians can play with it, sing through it, process keyboards, play along to backing tracks, and of course, create lush keyboard sounds with a MIDI controller. Guitarists can use it to run their favorite amp modeling software, multi-effects libraries and more. Singers can enhance their vocals with reverb, compression, de-essing and pitch correction in real time. Keyboardists can run virtual pianos and other instruments with super-low latency and superb stability.

The MuseBox comes pre-loaded with a wide variety of ready-to-use virtual instruments and effects, including an assortment of essential keyboard sounds, reverb, chorus and Peavey's award-winning ReValver, a revolutionary amplifier modeling software VST that captures the true characteristics of vacuum tubes while allowing users unprecedented control over their tonality and gain structures.

MuseBox's SoundFinder preset architecture makes it easy to quickly sort through thousands of presets to find the perfect sound, and it automatically creates new presets as you add virtual instruments and effects to the MuseBox. Creating user presets is easier than ever, too, and can be done by selecting the instrument or effects slot, choosing the preset and saving it to the User bank. For the ultimate in editing flexibility, the entirely new DuoHost software environment allows users to connect a computer monitor so it's easy to see every parameter of the plug-ins.

The MuseBox comes standard with 1GB of RAM (expandable to 2GB), and is equipped with a 4GB solid-state system disc module (expandable to 8GB). The MuseBox offers an optional 250GB laptop hard drive for additional storage.

The MuseBox will be available in spring 2010 from authorized retailers with a U.S. MSRP of $1299.99. Find out more at