Peavey & Zivix Let Players Control the Music With 'JamParty: Remixed'

Peavey & Zivix Let Players Control the Music

PEAVEY INTL. HEADQUARTERS Peaveyand Zivix LLC, a developer leveraging innovative technology through peripherals, real musical instruments and software, announced today that JamParty: Remixedis now available for Windows-based PCs. Both gamers and musicians alike can now experience the ultimate convergence of music gaming, audio creation, and social media in a first-of-its-kind sandbox of sound where the player has total control of real music in a gaming environment.

JamParty: Remixedenables anyone to become an instant producer, mix-master, and lead guitarist. Players can transition their mastery of traditional rhythm-based music games into actual player-controlled live music creation using the software'sgigantic library of chords, beats, vocals, and soundscapes. Users can create and play songs, then share their music with other players as MP3s or upload to listening devices and social networks. JamParty: Remixedis designed for use with the soon-to-be-released PeaveyHeroMakerdigitalguitar, a revolutionary full-size guitar/game controller with real strings and frets, and is also compatible with existing USB supportedRock BandandGuitar Heroguitar controllers as well as with your mouse and keyboard.

Mimicking the feeling of performing music in video games is nothing new, but empowering people with the ability to actually play, create, and share their remix, unlocking the musician in anyone is a vision thats yet to be truly realized until now, said Chad Koehler, VP of business development and operations, Zivix LLC. Where the last generation of music games have ended, thats where JamParty begins. Players can finally perform, record and remix their own music, sharing it with friends live and in person, or across their social network of choice to an audience of millions. Its an experience unlike any other, and one that will evolve as JamPartys community of gamers and musicians become one on a journey of sight and sound.

Bands, artists and musicians will have the ability to create music for JamParty and submit for sale in the DLC store. This is the first step in marrying up the music fans with their favorite artist where they can now interact and participate with the music vs. just listening.

Features of JamParty: Remixed Include:

  • Over 40 exclusive tracks known as Jams at the ready
  • 11 unique interactive venues that respond and react to the music
  • Multiple Play Modes: Live Play, Studio Mode where players can create and perform their own Jam, and Performance Remix
  • Full Scoring, Medal, and Achievement System
  • Each Jam has over 33 Million Loop Combinations
  • Top Genres include: Rock, Alternative, Pop, and Techno
  • Save and share your very own MP3s
  • Accessible for everyone from Beginners to Intermediate, Advanced, and Pro
  • Learn song structure, beat and rhythm
  • Full USB support for your gaming consoles Rock Band and Guitar Hero controllers plugged straight into the PC
  • Full Online Community: More music, charts featuring top user created MP3s and the hottest DLC, host your MP3 creations and share to Facebook

JamParty: Remixedis available now for purchase through as well as at retailers nationwide everywhere games or music gear is sold. Players can also look forward future editions of JamParty coming later this year to home gaming consoles everywhere.

About Zivix
Zivix, LLC combines innovation, technology and entertainment through gaming software and music peripherals. Based in Minneapolis, MN Zivix is an entertainment software developer and publisher that has also created a patented finger-sensing technology that enables a new generation of digital guitars. Our core mission is to combine the experience of playing an instrument and real musical interaction through accessible, fun and rewarding products for everyone.