Peavey Composite Acoustics and Raincatchers Bring Guitars to Haiti

Peavey Composite Acoustics and Raincatchers
Composite Acoustics, Peaveys line of premium carbon fiber acoustic guitars, recently partnered with members of the clean water organization Raincatchers to bring guitar instruction and enjoyment to the people of Haiti.
While on a Raincatchers trip to Haiti to teach members of local communities how to collect rainwater and provide clean water on a daily basis, team member Chad Dohring learned just how much experiencing guitar meant to the townspeople when he brought out his acoustic guitar. While many of the residents had never seen or heard a guitar before, they were equally amazed and delighted by the instrument.
Unfortunately, Dohring quickly discovered that playing guitar in Haitis harsh climate proved to be difficult. The climate is just so humid in the area, that guitars simply literally fall apart, he shares. With that in mind, Dohring set about finding a way to secure an instrument that could withstand the elements. I started searching for a solution and I came across Composite Acoustics. I wrote to the company and they said, Yes, we have the guitar for you.
Composite Acoustics revolutionized the acoustic guitar market with the introduction of instruments totally built from composite materials. Carbon fiber allows Composite Acoustics to create a guitar that is more consistent than any other acoustic guitar on the planet no matter the climate conditions. Their unique production process combines extensive hand-crafting with cutting edge technology such as CAD design and CNC machining, resulting in an innovative, consistent, brilliant-sounding and highly durable guitar.

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Plus, the nature of carbon fiber produces an instrument that stays in tune longer and never needs adjustment. By varying the carbon fiber material density in different areas of the body, Composite Acoustics instruments are able to achieve a finely tuned tone that is consistent from instrument to instrument. Carbon fiber construction and heelless neck joints also allow for instrument shapes not possible with wood. Incredibly strong, these guitars are as much fun to play in a studio or on stage as they are in the harsh climate of Haiti.
Dohring received a Composite Acoustics Cargo guitar, and started teaching music at the new school in Haiti. The hope that is filled on their faces when they play and sing and make music is amazing. Music brings hope. It really does, he says. In addition to the lessons that Dohring oversees, the Composite Acoustics Cargo guitar is left there for students to use on a regular basis.
Find out more about Composite Acoustics, and learn more about Raincatchers, where you can sponsor a child or donate to the cause.