Peavey Releases Updated Classic Series Guitar Amps

Updated Classic Series Guitar Amps

Peavey Electronics launches the redesigned Classic Series featuring improved internal construction while maintaining the original tone of their legacy models. With changes resulting from customer input over the past 20 plus years, these versatile all-tube amplifiers span the tonal landscape from vintage to contemporary with ease. The Classic Series is now available through authorized Peavey retailers.

The redesign includes internal improvements such as fewer electrical interconnects, improved power supply capacitors, more robust transformers and signal path resistors, ceramic tube sockets, and improved cooling to help resolve common tube amplifier problems and improve on tube amp reliability. The iconic classic tweed covering and chrome-plated chassis remain with pre and post gain controls on lead channels, two channel preamp, and three band passive EQ (bass, middle, treble), now complemented with the new footswitch with selectable channel switching, reverb, and boost. The amps are also equipped with effects loop, three 12AX7 pre amp tubes, four EL84 power tubes, and an external speaker jack.

Classic Series models include the Classic 30 112, Classic 50 212, Classic 50 410, Delta Blues 115 Tweed, and the Delta Blues 210 Tweed. The Classic 30 and both Delta Blues amplifiers have an added standby switch, jeweled point lens, an external AC mains fuse, and 30 watts of power into 16 or 8 ohms. Updated Classic series models feature Celestion speakers. The Classic 30 features a 12-inch speaker while the Delta Blues amps have a 15-inch speaker and two 10-inch speakers in the 115 and 210 respectively. The two fan cooled Classic 50s are both 50 watts into 16 or 8 ohms with two 12-inch speakers in the 212 and four 10-inch speakers in the 410.

The outcome is an improved upon performance of an industry workhorse without altering the sought after tone of the original.