Peavey Brings Influencers and Innovation to DJ Expo ‘18

DJ Expo ‘18

Peavey Electronics invites all DJ Expo '18 badge holders to the Peavey/Technics Open-Bar Party, a DJ showcase that will close out the first day of exhibits at Harrah's Resort in Atlantic City. Using Peavey's latest pro-audio innovations and Technics' industry-standard turntables, DJ legends and other top talent will deliver their party-rocking sets at this exclusive event taking place Tuesday, Aug. 14, at 6:30 p.m. at Harrah's Eden Lounge.

In promoting this all-star lineup of artists and influencers, Peavey doesn't use the term legends lightly. Audience members will be treated to a performance by the renowned Grand Wizzard Theodore, who is widely credited as the inventor of scratching. To deliver the clearest sound from his trailblazing techniques, including needle drops, Grand Wizzard Theodore turns to Peavey's PVXp 12 loudspeakers and the PVXp Sub, which have earned a reputation as highly portable, all-in-one sound reinforcement solutions with ample features.

Joining Grand Wizzard Theodore will be Keith Shocklee of Public Enemy and The Bomb Squad, as well as Jazzy Jay, who was instrumental in the founding of Def Jam Records. Jazzy Jay has been using the PV 14BT mixers and has nothing but love for them. In addition to these hip-hop pioneers, the event will feature sets from Mel Starr, As-One, DJ Dvyne, DJ Jess and Elikisol.

All performances will be supported by recent standouts in the Peavey portfolio, such as the Peavey RBN Series, which includes the RBN 110 and RBN 112 loudspeakers and RBN 215 subwoofer. These enclosures are made with ribbon drivers that provide high-quality sound technology to live applications, resulting in crystal-clear sound that no traditional compression driver can rival. The RBN Series as well as the PVXp 15 DSP (digital signal processing) loudspeaker will be routed through Peavey's FX2 mixer. Completing Peavey's setup will be the PROCOMM 2.4GHz Digital Wireless Handheld System featuring AutoScan technology that automatically finds a channel with no interference.

These products and more will be exhibited on the DJ Expo floor at Peavey's booth #507. For exhibition hours and the full lineup of events, visit the DJ Expo site.

First presented in 1990, DJ Expo is the premier global convention for DJs and producers and the industry's best opportunity for education. The Expo's 25 educational seminars are intended to provide solutions to attendees' biggest pain points, while the exhibit hall full of top industry gear showcases products that can make an impact. Approximately 5,000 professional DJs are expected to attend the three-day Expo, taking place Aug. 13-16 at Harrah's Resort in Atlantic City.