EASE Focus Software

EASE Focus Aiming Software is a two-dimensional acoustic simulation software that aids in the configuration and modeling of line arrays. This version is specially configured to predict the behavior of the Peavey Versarray™ Line Source Array System, allowing users to quickly set up and aim a system in two dimensions.

EASE Focus Software

System Requirements:
The software requires the Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 and may require additional updates if running Windows prior to Win2k. Please see the EASE Focus website for more information regarding the installation:

EASE Focus Installation Instructions

The file below is a zipped installer of the EASE Focus Software for the Peavey Versarray. Please make sure that your system meets the above requirements before installation:

Download EASE Focus for Versarray - easefocus132_peavey.zip

Note: Please copy the Projects ( .fcs) included in the data directory to the following directory once installed: C:\Program Files\SDA\EASE Focus\Projects