FX Mixer Firmware Update

FX Mixer Firmware

FX Mixer Firmware Update (PVY_V130.BIN) - 04/15/2009

Loader (PVY_BOOT.BIN) - 10/19/2006
Kernel (KRN_0133.BIN) - 10/19/2006

Upgrade FX Mixers via USB Jump Drive:
To install firmware versions 1.04 and above you MUST have Kernel Version 1.33 installed into your FX mixer. If you have a lower Kernel version YOU WILL DAMAGE THE MIXER BY INSTALLING NEW FIRMWARE. You'll end up with a blue screen of death and your mixer will need to be returned to the factory for repair. Local service stations will not be able to restore it. Never fear . this is a simple two part installation.

To check your Kernel version . hold down the left data encoder knob while turning on the AC power. The "Install New Software" screen will appear and the current Kernel Version will be displayed at the bottom of the screen.

To Install Kernel Upgrade:
NOTE: installing a new Kernel will erase any user presets stored. Put "PVY_BOOT.BIN" and "KRN_0133.BIN" on your memory stick. Turn unit on with left encoder pressed. Insert memory stick, mixer will find "PVY_BOOT.BIN" and start loading. When it restarts, it will find "KRN_0133.BIN". Press "yes" to install the new Kernel.

To Install Firmware:
After it restarts, put another memory stick in with "PVY_V130.BIN" on it. You cannot have both the Kernel files and the Firmware files on the stick at the same time. Two sticks makes this easy . or . you can erase the two Kernel files and then load the Firmware file on the memory stick (jump drive).

If you already have Kernel Version 1.33 or higher you can proceed directly to installing the new Firmware. Hold down the left data knob while powering up. Insert the memory stick that contains "PVY_V130.BIN" and follow the on screen instructions.