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NOTE: Nashville 400 amplifiers with serial numbers higher than 08575482 do not require the installation of this modification kit as this kit has been incorporated into the circuit at the factory. Serial numbers prior to the above are not modified.

Steel Guitar Articles and Instructions

Peavey Pedal Steel Endorser Ed Ringwald
Peavey Endorser Ed Ringwald
Since the audio amplifier became a reality years and years ago, there have been many tricks, variations and hype offered by individuals ranging from "tube/parts swappers" to audio engineers that tend to make a consumer believe that there is "magic" in designing an amplifier. The fact is that there are no "magic tricks" in the field of electronic technology. However, some of the "magic kits" that are popping up tend to lead you to believe this. More times than none, the costs involved to modify a circuit are merely the price difference of the parts themselves. After all, "swapping" parts in an already designed circuit is not the actual redesign of the circuit. So, why should these "magic" kits cost so much? In some circles, players are considered "less" of a player if they are playing "stock" amplifier. If you take two identical setups and have two different players play through this same setup, one player will usually sound better anyway, regardless if the amp is "modified" or not.

With a team of experienced engineers on our staff who set an objective for a product, research the market, create an idea, layout a plan of action and place that plan into motion by designing and manufacturing the finished product, there is no doubt why Peavey steel guitar amplifiers are the leading edge products preferred by pro and amateur musicians all over the world.

Buck Reid and his Nashville 1000
Buck Reid and his Nashville 1000
Our engineering teams at Peavey have done massive research. We have documented equalization curves of the various Peavey amps that are being "modified". These mods are really simple and inexpensive to install. We have even provided circuit board layouts with the necessary parts values for those with proven technical skills.

There is usually a "down" side to modifying the original circuit of any brand of amplifier, but in most cases this is not considered by the company that is recommending their mod kit. But more than likely there are disclaimer statements through the literature that attempt to release them from any responsibilities should the results be undesirable.

The bottom line is that there is no "magic" in electronics, so beware of those who imply that there may be. Amp design is mostly science with a little "art" added to the mix. Mostly just the application of proven technology and a lot of "common sense"!

Click below to hear steel player Ed Ringwald's Peavey Session 115 amp in action on stage with the Western Swing Authority!