Peavey Offers Super Sonic Savings on LN™1263 Column Array
Portable PA System

LN™ 1263 Column Array Portable PA System

It might be the dog days of summer, but that doesn’t mean your wallet should take the heat on a new PA. Lock in a deal on Peavey’s LN™ 1263 Column Array Portable PA System during the Super Sonic Summer Sale. The LN 1263 shines with its clean, compact design that can be carried into a gig on one trip. Sturdy enough for upcoming Labor Day parties and poolside gatherings, it’s the go-to audio companion that makes setup and breakdown a breeze.

Lightweight and portable, the LN 1263 subwoofer weighs in at just over 48 pounds, making it less than your airline luggage. There are picnic baskets that are heavier than the upper and lower columns, each weighing 5.5 pounds. But don't let the compact footprint deceive you! The LN 1263 packs a powerful punch with a potential maximum power of 1200 W and a maximum SPL of 127 dB. It’s completely self-contained with no visible cables in mono operation. The subwoofer is built from multi-ply birch and has a durable 12-inch custom driver. The mid-high column contains a total of 12 2.75-inch custom drivers housed in a rugged aluminum cabinet with a quick attachment design.

The LN1263 can be assembled and disassembled in one minute. Each satellite features a speaker stand and a twist lock speaker cable connection, allowing the satellite to be positioned remotely. This is a helpful feature for when users desire a stereo configuration or additional coverage.

After assembly, users can dive right into the LN 1263’s helpful features. Peavey’s modern DSP (digital signal processing) makes this unit extremely easy to use and operate. It has both an onboard LCD screen and remote control via Bluetooth using a custom iOS application for control. Offering the convenience of a 6-channel mixer, the LN 1263 features four combi XLR inputs, each with Guitar Channel selectability, making this the first column array designed specifically for acoustic guitar performance. Two additional media channels feature stereo quarter-inch inputs and streaming Bluetooth in. In effect, this unique Bluetooth input can handle a separate device from the one that’s controlling the LN 1263, which is a great user advantage.

Need more power to rock the party? The LN 1263's non-powered XLR line level out allows you to link multiple systems together. The panel also has a simple ?-inch stereo input for a portable MP3 player or other media device. So, while the LN 1263 is up to the challenge of a wedding or club, it's humble enough for houses of worship or conference room presentations.

Refreshing Convenience with the LN 1263 App

LN™ 1263 Column Array Portable PA System The ultimate convenience comes with smartphone control, and the LN 1263 delivers with its very own iOS application. It’s free for download with purchase of the PA and easily syncs with the system. The app includes a Simple mode for beginners and Professional mode for more experienced users who want more advanced control. Via the app, the LN 1263 has seven onboard EQ presets and eight onboard effects, with the ability to save and lock scenes, along with an independent sub level control.

The versatility of the LN 1263 has earned high praise from professional users.

“I used to have big passive Peavey speakers and these are just so much easier to move around. They are powerful,” wrote user Kale Naquin about linking multiple LN 1263 units. “I did a wedding for 150 people and they filled that room perfectly. The subs blew me away with how much bass they provided. I’m very pleased with my purchase.”

DJ Greggie C wrote, “I am a DJ and this system fills the entire room with high-quality sound that is not overwhelming. It is light and easily controlled with an iPad app for making remote controlling a snap.”

Save big this season on the LN 1263 Column Array Portable PA System during Peavey’s Super Sonic Summer Sale, now through Friday, Sept. 8, 2023. Get an additional $200 off the $1699.99 price at any participating retailers or direct at

Happy Summer from the Peavey Electronics team!
LN™ 1263 Column Array Portable PA System
LN™ 1263 Column Array Portable PA System

LN™ 1263 Column Array Portable PA System
Was $1,699.99, Now $1,499.99!