Trace Elliot® ELF™: Bass Amp & Combos to Melt the Shelf this Holiday

Trace Elliot® ELF® Ultra Compact Bass Amplifier

Trace Elliot® ELF® 1x8 Combo Bass Amplifier

This holiday season, millions of kids will revere a certain elf that always remains just out of their reach. That’s why Peavey Electronics® is taking a firm stance on elf accessibility. The only elf worth this kind of fuss — and one that you’re encouraged to pick up and handle — is the Trace Elliot ELF Bass Amplifier and Combo Bass Amplifiers. Good things come in small packages, and so do powerful things. This is one ELF that may look unassuming but can blow the lid right off the shelf.

Let’s take a closer look at the Trace Elliot ELF Bass Amplifier and Combos, and what makes them perfect gifts this holiday.

ELF Bass Amplifier

Small footprint, big bass sound

Trace Elliot® ELF® 1x8 Combo Bass Amplifier The Trace Elliot ELF solves an age-old problem: how to make a small bass amplifier sound like its full-size counterpart. Trace Elliott has been professionally designing bass amps for decades and eagerly took on the challenge. From a secret lab somewhere south of the North Pole, out popped the ELF, weighing just 1.6 pounds and delivering 200W continuous into 4 ohms. It’s not pixie magic; it’s impressive engineering. The ELF is an ideal solution for any bass player who’s concerned about the size and weight of their rig but doesn’t want to compromise on tone or performance.

Players have plenty of options to dial in their ideal tone with the ELF, which offers wide-range input gain control with signal-level indicator and 3-band rotary EQ. The ELF also has an ultra-high pre-amp input impedance, at more than 10 mega ohms, providing maximum sensitivity when using passive pickups. The post EQ balanced XLR DI outputs have ground lift for sending classic Trace Elliot tone to a mixing console or recording device. The quarter-inch headphone output allows for quiet practice.

ELF 1x8 and 1x10 Combo Bass Amplifiers

Lightweight and portable, with big tone

Following the ELF’s debut, the Trace Elliot brand introduced ELF 1x10 and 1x8 Combos, putting the finest speaker components in a road-worthy package. Like the tiny ELF, these combos have compression, built-in EQ, and ultra-quiet DI out that eliminates hum and noise.

The portability aspect of these Combos can’t be overstated. The 1x8 Combo weighs only 17 pounds, measuring approximately 12.5 inches high and just over 15.5 inches wide and deep. Weighing only a pound more, the 1x10 Combo measures 14.5 inches high, with an approximately 16.5-inch width and 17.3-inch depth. Both Combos have a headphone output in the back for quiet practice.

When it’s time to crank things up for bigger gigs, ELF Combos are expandable, through Trace Elliot 2x8 or 1x10 speaker cabinets that offer pristine full-range bass reproduction with more than enough power.

Transit™ Pre-Amp & Effects Pedals

Simple and streamlined for the road

The Transit-A Acoustic Pre-amp & Effects Pedal has just the right number of features for a professional acoustic guitar player, without over-burdening the user with extra controls. The built-in Compression, Notch Filter, Pre-shape and simple EQ controls ensure great basic tone, while Boost, Chorus, Delay and Reverb provide all the tools necessary for artistic expression.

The Transit-B Bass Pre-amp & Effects Pedal is designed as a professional grade preamp for the discerning bassist. On the Transit B, players will find built-in tools for tone shaping like Pre-shape, 5-band EQ and dual-band Compressor that are easy to use on the fly. Features like Drive with blend control and built-in bass enhancement add to the tonal options available.

Both Transit pedals offer a back-lit control panel that becomes the chromatic tuner for accurate tuning, as well as built-in Pre and Post XLR balanced output, dry output, and headphone output.

This year, the ELF that keeps on giving is not one that lives rent-free in your home (and possibly your head). Treat yourself or the bass player in your life to the Trace Elliot ELF Compact Bass Amplifier and Combo Bass Amplifiers and throw in a Transit pedal for good measure.

Melt that shelf and deck the gear hauls!

Happy Holidays from the Peavey Electronics team!
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