Crest Audio® UA™ 2050 Utility Amplifier

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Crest Audio® UA™ 2050 Utility Amplifier

The Crest Audio UA 2050 utility amplifier provides installers and contractors a cost effective, efficient and inconspicuous solution for background music and paging applications. The UA 2050's small form factor is perfect for mounting under counters, on closet walls or on the shelves of retail spaces, restaurants and offices. Despite its convenient size, the UA 2050's features, versatility and power are ideal for any application where background music and paging are required.

The UA 2050 combines a pair of inputs with an efficient Class D 50 Watt mono power amplifier capable of driving a direct low-impedance output or 70V or 100V constant voltage output. The amplifier features bass and treble controls to allow equalization for any installation location.

The UA 2050's two inputs provide simple and trouble-free configuration for quick installation and easy operation. Input 1 is a balanced microphone or line input via screw terminal barrier strip connectors. Input 2 is a line level input via dual RCA connectors or unbalanced screw terminals. The level sensing on Input 1 mutes Input 2 whenever a microphone signal exceeds the adjustable level threshold. The level sensing function can also be defeated to prevent muting of Input 2.

The UA 2050 is housed in a conveniently-sized steel chassis to allow it to be mounted in any location, and has a voltage selector switch for 120V or 240VAC operation.

  • 50 Watt Class D mono power amplifier
  • 4, 70V and 100V outputs
  • Small format under-counter, wall or shelf mountable chassis
  • Input 1 - balanced with mic/line switch and screw terminal barrier strip connectors
  • Input 2 - line input via dual RCA connectors and unbalanced screw terminals
  • Input 1 Level sensing mutes Input 2, with threshold/defeat control
  • Bass and Treble controls
  • Power switch
  • Line voltage switch for 120V or 240VAC operation

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