Crest Audio® Versarray™ 218 MK III Passive Subwoofer

Order the Crest Audio® Versarray™ 218 MK III Passive Subwoofer from Peavey. Best-in-class sound quality. Electric, bass & acoustic guitars. Pro audio equipment, speakers, amps & more.
This speaker is unpowered, and requires a separate power amplifier.
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Crest Audio® Versarray™ 218 MK III Passive Subwoofer
The Crest Audio Versarray 218 Mk III Sub incorporates the ultra-high power Lo Max 18" woofer and a new cabinet design. The Versarray 218 Mk III is a direct radiator vented subwoofer designed specifically for the most demanding Pro-Audio applications.

The Versarray 218 Mk III Sub incorporates the UniVent venting system that literally pumps air through the enclosure, exchanging the stale hot air inside the cabinet for the cooler outside air. This helps keep the woofer operating temperatures from getting so high, and increases reliability and reduces power compression under heavy continuous drive conditions. The air pumping action is achieved without excessive turbulence or any significant net asymmetry of total vent air flow. The large vent area and long path length allow for a large volume of air to move with very low resistance.

Designed to be used in conjunction with a compatible DSP based loudspeaker signal processor, such as a Peavey Digitool, or MediaMatrix systems, with the Crest Audio factory settings in use, the Versarray 112 Mk III can perform to modern standards of excellence, and handily exceed the competitions audible performance.

An optional special Ground Stack Kit mounts to the Versarray 218 Mk III Sub, and allows up to three of the Crest Audio Versarray 112 Mk III's to be mounted on top of the Versarray 218 Mk III Sub, and angled upward, for use on stage in a stadium seating situation.

  • Dual Lo Max 18" subwoofers
  • Power Handling: 2400 Watts continuous / 4800 Watts program
  • Full power low frequency response down to 34 Hz
  • UniVent vented cooling system
  • Neutrik Speakon professional input connectors, 4- and 8-pin
  • Built-in tilt back casters with 4" wheels
  • Pairs of heavy-duty steel handles inset on both sides
  • 18 mm 13-ply Baltic Birch enclosure with steel inner brackets
  • Hammerhead polyurea black finish and black powder-coated cloth lined grilles
  • Weight Unpacked: 121.25lbs (55kg)
  • Weight Packed: 127.87lbs (58kg)
  • Height Packed: 30"(76.2cm)
  • Width Packed: 31"(78.74cm)
  • Depth Packed: 48.5"(123.19cm)

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