Any love for the Studio Pro 110 out there?

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Any love for the Studio Pro 110 out there?

Post by MKB » Fri Feb 10, 2012 8:31 am

Lately I've been greatly enjoying the teal stripe Studio Pro 110 I found broken on ebay awhile back ($30, only problems were a blown speaker and dirty pots). It's one of the nicest sounding, loudest, yet small combos I've ever used. It's tiny, but it's a real beast. I liked it so much I bought a second one.

Here's a few details you don't read about:

The SP 110 is another of the immediate pre-TransTube Peaveys. It's a bit unique as it has a discrete component power amp, where later TransTube Studio Pro's have an IC based (National Semiconductor LM3886) power amp. The SP 110 is actually extremely close to the teal stripe Bandit in design, and its power amp has the same TransTube configuration that is in the teal stripe Bandit. The SP 110 is rated at 65 watts into 8 ohms, where the teal stripe Bandit is 80 watts into 8 ohms (15 watts isn't a huge difference). The SP 110 is much louder than you might expect.

The SP 110's preamp is nearly identical to the teal stripe Bandit preamp. The only major differences is the Bandit's presence control on the clean channel is not on the SP 110, but its Bright switch is basically the same control in an on/off configuration. The SP 110's distortion channel is almost identical as well, but it does not have the Bandit's Body switch.

I've found you can get many of the same tones with the SP 110 that you can with the teal stripe Bandit. It has the same extreme flexibility and tonal warmth. However it does not get the low end grunt in the Bandit due to the smaller speaker and cabinet.

The SP110 has the 220k input resistor, increasing this to 1M should liven up the tone of the amp with humbuckers. Another modification I plan to try is to convert the Headphone Out jack to a Speaker Out; this can be done by shorting out R76 on the jack board and using a stereo plug on the amp side of the speaker cable. If R76 is shorted out and a normal tip/sleeve plug is used in the Headphone Out jack, it could damage the power amp in the SP 110.

This amp is a bit of a sleeper, and is most likely thought of as a toy as it is so small. It isn't. Plus when you can find them, they are inexpensive. Not only are they good sounding on their own, but they make excellent amps for modelers. I am working on using two SP 110's in stereo with a Line 6 HD-500. The HD-500 is plugged into each SP 110's effects return jacks. These two SP 110's rattle the entire house when cranked, and sound gloriously huge. This is probably going to become my main gigging rig.

This hoarding of teal stripe Peaveys is becoming an addiction... :)

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Re: Any love for the Studio Pro 110 out there?

Post by jaersee » Mon Jul 17, 2017 8:49 am

I have an Studio Pro 110 since 1994 and is amazing. Can you explain me that part abouth the 65 watts? Is 65 or is 80 watts?

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Re: Any love for the Studio Pro 110 out there?

Post by TimmyV » Wed Jul 19, 2017 4:41 pm

I have a teal stripe studio pro 112. I think it was the model that came out just before the 110. It's pretty much like the bandit 75 I sounds great also and very loud!!!!!! :shock:

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