ADDVERB II questions

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ADDVERB II questions

Postby Dad Roadie » Fri Apr 07, 2017 10:25 am

Hi To All,
I just picked up an older Peavey ADDVERB II and have a few questions I hope some people in the forum may be able to help with.

While the battery appears to have been changed at some point and I do not see any leakage will the unit work without the memory backup battery installed? I wouldn’t be using the “make your own effect “ function, just the factory presents. I’ve heard that the leakage issue can really cause some problems and I’m trying to avoid this.

In reading through the manual they say to connect your guitar or microphone to the input and the output to the amp. Can I use the ADDVERB II with line level inputs/outputs? I would like to use this in my effects send/return section of my Tascam mixer.

Does anyone know of or have a list of what all of the factory presets are? The manual just lists the banks . Reverb, Gated Reverb, Chorus ETC.
Sorry to be such a novice on this , The forum and the people on it has always been a great resource.
Best Regards
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Re: ADDVERB II questions

Postby Dookie » Fri Apr 07, 2017 4:22 pm

The "factory presets" are normally stored in an Eprom chip which will keep these presets regardless of battery condition.
The "User Edited Presets" need the battery to be stored and saved when the unit is unplugged / turned off.
Edit a factory setting and store it to a User location.
Unplug the unit for awhile. If it is still there after some time the battery is good. If not replace it with a new one.
The unit is Line Level only and can be patched into your Tascam effect loop.

I don't know what model you have. There is a few listed here. ... cfm?page=A

Don't know if they will help or not.
I have a Ultraverb 2 and replaced the battery in it a few years ago and it still works fine. There is a way to factory reset your unit if you need to. Search/Google Factory Reset ADDVERB II and it may come up.


There is a effect list here. Not sure if its your unit. ... 300943.pdf

Dad Roadie
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Re: ADDVERB II questions

Postby Dad Roadie » Sat Apr 08, 2017 10:52 am

Thanks Doug,
I did open the unit up and it looks like the battery had been replaced at some point. No leakage thank goodness! I'm going to try the preset save you mentioned. I just needed a way to add some reverb to the Tascam board. It looks like this will work well for the application. I contacted Peavey and Roger sent me the effects list and a schematic . Those Peavey customer service guys are GREAT!!!! Thanks again for taking the time to answer. Now I need to find a older Peavey Compressor at a reasonable cost! Any suggestions of what to look for?
All the Best!

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Re: ADDVERB II questions

Postby studiodtk5 » Sat Apr 08, 2017 9:23 pm

As far as compressors go, I would go for the CELa. It is a good unit and can be had used for a good price.
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