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Roger Crimm
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Sanpera Controllers

Postby Roger Crimm » Wed Apr 15, 2015 10:09 am

The Sanpera I or II will work with the Vypyr Pro.

You obviously will not have access to the four models, but the normal functions available on the controllers will be available. You will also have the ability to use the looper and the overdub function.

The Sanpera Pro is not compatible with previous Vypyr models.

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Kevin Boudloche
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Re: Vypyr Pro Tips/Tricks/FAQ

Postby Kevin Boudloche » Thu Oct 29, 2015 4:47 pm

3rd party Firmware Updaters:

For Mac

    1. Download and run Snoize SysEx Librarian (http://www.snoize.com)
    2. Drag the firmware file into the Snoize window
    3. Select "MIDI IN" in the destination dropdown
    4. In Sysex Librarian, select the firmware file and press PLAY.
    5. The Vypy Pro will indicate progress as the file is received.
    6. The Vypy Pro will indicate when the update is complete.

For Windows

    1. Download/Run MIDI-OX. (http://www.midiox.com)
    2. Set Up the PORTS In MIDI-OX
    3. Select Options->MIDI Devices
    4. Highlight the Vypyr MIDI in the MIDI Output window.
    5. Make sure NOTHING is selected in the MIDI Input window.
    6. Press OK.
    7. In MIDI Ox, choose View->Sysex, which opens a new SYSEX window.
    8. In MIDI Ox, in the SYSEX window, select File->Send Sysex File...
    9. Browse to and select the file you want to send and click OPEN.
    10. The Vypyr will display the progress of the update and indicate when the update is complete.

You can always get the latest firmware download from the product page.

http://peavey.com/products/index.cfm/it ... 0Pro%20100
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