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Re: Transformer pc editor

Postby Fastwind » Fri Jul 28, 2017 11:25 am

vypyrtrails wrote:
Landshark wrote:
vypyrtrails wrote:
Landshark, how are you controlling all this? The Sanpera Pro is huge and then add another floor processor... :shock:

With the Vypyr Pro it is easy to control outboard effects via midi.
Every patch of the Vypyr pro can contain a midi-patch number that can be sent to outboard equipment. So, if you select patch number 1 on the amp, you could send patch number 5 (or anything else) to an external effect. You could place this effect on top of your amp, and control it with your Sanpera Pro.

Only downside: the external effect must have a midi in port.

I use my old TC Electronic Nova System (but that's still very expensive to buy new).
Line6 sells a great stomp-box modeler: the M5 Stompbox. It's less than $100 new and reacts to midi program changes.
With this, you only need the Sanpera Pro in front of you. The rest can sit wherever you like, because you select the patches from both the amp AND the effects with your Sanpera pedalboard...

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Re: Transformer pc editor

Postby Landshark » Fri Jul 28, 2017 12:02 pm

vypyrtrails wrote:Landshark, how are you controlling all this? The Sanpera Pro is huge and then add another floor processor... :shock:

I could do without most of what the Sanpera can do, except I would like to have control over the 4 amp selections.

Thanks for opening my eyes to the possibility's too!!

Much Appreciated!

the RP360XP is kinda small. I would have liked to keep my GSP1101, but the controller for that was almost as big as the Sanpera. the regular RP360 is even smaller (loses the expression pedal the XP has.)

i don't understand voodoo MIDI, so that isn't happening. LOL

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