AmpKit Link HD AC adapter

The AmpKit LiNK audio interface raises the audio fidelity bar for the iPhone platform. AmpKit LiNK is an iPhone, iPod touch* and iPad interface for electric guitar, bass, or any line level source, with an output that can be connected to headphones, powered speakers or a PA.

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Re: AmpKit Link HD AC adapter

Post by tomesson » Thu Aug 13, 2015 3:52 pm

Hi Guys,

Just registered for the board to reply.

I got my Link HD this week, and like most of you, was jacked that it could charge my iPad with an external adapter. After reading through here, I dug out a adapter I've had in my collection that seemed to meet the specs - 5v 2A, Center Postive, 1.25X3.5 mm adapter.

When I plugged it in to the Link HD (that was already hooked up to the iPad mini), it made the sound that the iPad makes when it's plugged into a charger, but the iPad displayed "Not charging" in the top right corner of the screen. I was more than a little disappointed, but remember a similar issue with some IOS devices from a few years ago with respect to 3rd part adapters. The thing is this: even though it says "not charging", it actually IS charging, just not as fast as with an adapter plugged into the wall.

To test this (my iPad was at 60% charge), I kept it plugged in for 15 minutes. When I came back, it was at 89 %, so it was in fact charging, despite the iPad indicator. As a further test, I put the iPad in airplane mode (to reduce power consumption, and voila, the iPad showed that it was charging just as though it was plugged in directly to an adapter.

So the answer is yes, the generic adapter will work. I just ordered a backup adapter from Amazon for $9.00 so I will have an extra.

BTW, I love this product, AmpKit and the Link HD are blowing my mind - I'm planning to use them exclusively for my acoustic gigs (the Acoustasonic model is the bomb). I tried using my Apogee Duet for iPad and Mac, but that required a camera connection kit and a USB hub to work, and when it did, it was not good - crackles, latency issues, etc, which I imagine is due to the CCK and USB chain. The Link HD worked instantly and the sound surpassed my expectations by a mile. Very happy with this purchase ;)


Tom Esson

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