invective®.MH Mini Amp Head

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invective®.MH Mini Amp Head
The legacy of the best-selling metal amp of all time, the sound of an all-tube amplifier, and the features you need to silently record the ultimate tone... designed in conjunction with the talented Misha Mansoor of Periphery, the Peavey invective®.MH is a tube-tone monster!

Unlike many high-gain amplifiers, the invective.MH all-tube mini head has an amazing clean channel. Designed to work extremely well as a platform for those that love pedals, channel one features independent Gain and Tone controls.

The Lead channel is based on the legendary Peavey 6505® and adds many heavily-requested new features to create the ultimate tone. The Gate control allows for extremely loud and tight palm muting, while the Tight button actually reduces some gain and adds string clarity, giving the effect of tightening up the crunch. The Boost function allows for increased output via footswitch, perfect for soloing.

The Master section allows user access to Resonance and Presence controls that were first found on the original 6505, where they contribute to its iconic tone.

The back of the amp makes this one of the most versatile tube amps on the market. An on-board dummy load allows the speaker output to be muted for headphone use or silent recording, a Peavey first. Whether using the XLR output or the USB out, the invective.MH is perfect for recording.

The built-in footswitchable effects loop and on-board 9v pedal power allow the user to easily add their favorite effects to the signal path.

A compact amp with massive tone, the invective.MH is one of the most versatile and in-demand amplifiers ever made.

  • 2x EL84 power tubes and 3x 12AX7/ECC83 preamp tubes
  • Attenuator switch for 20 watts, 5 watts or 1 watt output power
  • Clean Channel with Low and High EQ
  • Lead Channel with 3 band EQ
  • Footswitchable Tight on Lead channel
  • Footswitchable Gate and Boost on Lead Channel
  • Footswitchable buffered effects Loop
  • Tube Status Indication (T.S.I.) circuit
  • Impedance switch for 16 or 8 ohm cabinets
  • MSDI™ Output with XLR and ground lift switch
  • USB Output
  • Master Resonance and Presence
  • Speaker defeat switch
  • Headphone output
  • Weight Packed: 20.50 lb(9.3 kg)
  • Width Packed: 13.125"(33.3375 cm)
  • Height Packed: 19.375"(49.2125 cm)
  • Depth Packed: 12.375"(31.4325 cm)

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Misha Mansoor
invective.MH Manual

Review: Steve Submitted: 4/8/2022

Overall5 out of 5 stars.


Love this Amp

What is your opinion of this product?

Really love the tones, the gate works great, it takes pedals well. Using a generic TS9 in the front or a MXR Distortion + really works well and the gate takes care of any noise. It is real responsive to a Cry Baby pedal. It comes with a 2 button pedal but i suggest getting another so you can really control all the effects. The loop is nice with delay and chorus pedals. Using the direct out XLR with the speakers in load/mute works nice into a mixer and i can do direct recording. after 40 years of playing music and having several tube amps this is my favorite and will someday get the big invective amp.

Review: Joel D. Submitted: 3/21/2021

Overall5 out of 5 stars.


Great sound.

What is your opinion of this product?

I love this head. It’s the sound I was looking for and I have tried and owned alot of amps. This head won and now my search is over. I found my tone, I didn’t know it would be Peavey but it was. Now it’s the only brand I will use. The Invective is a metal monster with chunk in the chugs and crunch to add flavor in the high end. Also a great clean channel. Thanks Peavey for a job well done. Oh and also the 1watt mode is great and still chugs. Doesn’t sound thin like others
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Q & A

Subject: Dummy Load Resistive or Reactive
Discussion: Is the dummy load on the amplifier a resistive or a reactive one? Peavey Response: The dummy load is resistive.

Subject: Headphone use
Discussion: Would I be able to use only headphones or would I need a cab? Peavey Response: It has an on-board dummy load, you do not need a cab.